How to recognize a bad Cape Holy Sepulchre analyzing 3 fundamental details

It is curious how some sloppiness dominant among the liturgical vestments, has unfortunately made "normal" the ugliness of the uniforms of the Equestrian Orders and especially of the Cape Holy Sepulchre.

Just attending a ceremony of the Order, it is possible to notice a multitude of colours, dangling threads, various lengths and imaginative crosses.
Attending a ceremony allows us to understand how the concept of "Uniform" has become quite relative.
I have the distinct feeling that the Cape Holy Sepulchre is destined to the same fate as the sacred vestments: INDUSTRIAL PRODUCTION.

If you are reading this article of mine, you are probably looking for the cape for the investiture as Knight of the Equestrian Order of the Holy Sepulchre of Jerusalem.
I also suppose that you are evaluating a series of options for prices and finishes.

Maybe in your private life you are a professional and you use tailored jackets and trousers, but following the example of other Knights and some religious, you are about to buy the classic Cape Holy Sepulchre so popular in the usual Roman shops.

So, I would like to draw your attention to some of the features of the cheap and sloppy Cape Holy Sepulchre, commonly available in the store.

The characteristics of the cheap Cape Holy Sepulchre:

  • The entire bottom of the cape is cut by hand with clearly visible shears and with hanging threads;
  • The fabric is heavy and synthetic;
  • The cross is made of cloth and subsequently sewn approximately;
  • All the internal seams are frayed;
Cape holy sepulchre taylor

Do you use usually frayed pants ?

Would you ever go out with frayed pants?

Recently a Knight close to the investiture, contacted me to ask for more information about the cape Holy Sepulchre. Honestly, he confirmed what I wrote in a previous article: he was among those who had no desire in buying one of those capes from the normal commercial circuit.

Although he didn't know me, he entrusted me the task of sewing his uniform and since I don't have anything to hide, here are his words:

"Dear Vincenzo, I am very honoured to show you my sincere gratitude and express my satisfaction to you as result of your "precious" bespoke work, on the occasion of my Investiture Ceremony as Knight of the Equestrian Order of the Holy Sepulchre of Jerusalem. You have shown careful attention to me, making me feel confident of an excellent result, such as your masterpiece in the sewing of my cape Holy Sepulchre with the most meticulous details. The labelling and the Cross are the contour of a truly exceptional work, made with the professionalism that makes you unique in what you do. The hand-crafted bespoke sartorial works can only be qualitatively higher than those made by industrial production. Your kindness differs in the process of sewing, making me aware of previews and particularities! I really appreciated your advices and the very welcome gifts of some of your not requested works, but very special in the context. From Marsala I casually came to know about you and with confidence I wanted to express my serious feedback. Thank you for everything! I will recommend you to anyone."

Antonio Regina

Marsala - Sicily

A lawyer, a professional or a member of the police, takes care of his clothing, because it says who we are.
And it doesn't mean that we have to wear designer clothes, but only decent ones.
Would you ever wear a jacket with a badly sewn lining? Or with a badly made collar? Or with buttons badly sewn?


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No! Then why do you accept going to the church with a cape Holy Sepulchre whose bottom is roughly cut with a lot of hanging threads?
This is the standard of certain notorious Roman tailors. If you don't believe me, just look around. And look at the internal seams too: all of them are frayed.


cape holy sepulchre

Cape Holy Sepulchre bespoke internal seams

cape holy sepulchre label

Capy Holy Sepulchre Knight's personal label

cape holy sepulchre (4)

Cape Holy Sepulchre bespoke internal seams

I'm sure you've seen very few, because real tailors are very rare today. Nowadays the sewing is entrusted to seamstresses even though on the cape there is the label of one of the many famous shops that have always sold these products.

My dear Knight, when you wear your cape Holy Sepulchre like that, even if with a historical label, you dress badly and you still make a bad impression.

full cape holy sepulchre

The Cape Holy Sepulchre, the berer for knight and gloves

cape holy sepulchre collar

The perfect velvet collar for Cape Holy Sepulchre

cape holy sepulchre bottom

Cape's Holy Sepulchre bottom seams

Are you trained enough to hold the weight of the heavy fabric with sweat?

You have to be, if you want to bear the weight and heat generated by the 500-600gr heavy wool blend or synthetic fabric in summer.
And do you know why the cape Holy Sepulchre is usually made with this fabric? Because it is easier to sew.
On the contrary, it is very different to find the 100% pure light fresh Italian wool in the right weight. It is even more difficult to work with it, it becomes necessary special know how that only a true tailor knows: as, for example, the sewing of the cape collar coupled with silk velvet.

cape holy sepulchre collar

The taylored collar for the Cape Holy Sepulchre

In order to make a jacket or coat collar suits properly, a true tailor stops the fabric with a ribbon and only then goes to baste the collar with velvet. This phase of the sewing is long, handmade and for this reason, not appreciated by those who do not have real experience in men’s tailoring men or want to save on costs.

But a cape sewn like this way can be recognized among a thousand. Just as you can recognize a well-made jacket, from a cheap one.

Be careful when you buy your Cape Holy Sepulchre !

The Cape Holy Sepulchre is your uniform and it must be dignified, but also comfortable and possibly must last a few years.
When a new Knight entrusts me with the responsibility of sewing his uniform for the investiture, I try to understand what his real necessity is and I will not hide from you that, if it is merely to buy the "the most economic cape possible", I simply suggest him to go to other shops.

I can't make you the cheapest uniform, but "only" the most beautiful

capy holy sepulchre full immage

Look at the Cape Holy Sepulchre in the picture above. It does not have the frogs closure tied. It's blocked only in the collar. Despite this, look at how the front guarantees the two edges of fabric to fit perfectly.

This perfection in the closure of the front should be the normality for every cape Holy Sepulchre, but I can assure you that you can unfortunately find capes Holy Sepulchre that remain open even after hooking the frogs closure.

I am a tailor and I certainly can’t compete - in terms of quantity and costs - with those who make dozens of capes sewn without a bit of accuracy. All my Capes Holy Sepulchre are handmade, but most of all, aimed at sewing your most worthy uniform.

If you are now wondering what the most beautiful Cape Holy Sepulchre consists of, then I try to summarize its characteristics:

  • Bespoked collar and length for perfect ;
  • embroidery of your name on the pocket;
  • embroidered velvet cross on the fabric;
  • sartorial finishes;
  • clothing bag embroidered with your own name;
  • Fabric designed to dress excellently, without making you die of heat!

Imagine you can order a cape Holy Sepulchre with all these extraordinary characteristics and do it from the comfort of your own home. Suppose also that all this is available at an extremely advantageous price.
So I ask you:

Why do you want to risk spending your money badly?

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