Choose the most convenient OFFER to wear the original italian bespoke cape for Knight of the Holy Sepulcher of Jerusalem

The taylored Cape
solo mantello

Buy your new original italian handmade cape

  • Taylored 100% light wool cape
Basic Offer
offerta base

The taylored cape and basic accessories

  • Taylored 100% light wool cape
  • Beret
  • Standard white gloves
  • Metal insignia
The taylored Cape
solo mantello

Buy your new, original handmade knight's cape

  • Taylored 100% light wool cape  
Quality Offer
offerta base

The taylored cape and basic accessories

  • Taylored 100% light wool cape
  • Standard beret
  • Standard white gloves
  • Metal insignia

How to choose the most convenient offer for you ?

  • Buy only the cape, if you are already a knight and want only to replace the old, heavy and worn cape  
  • Choose Premium offer, if you want to buy everything you need for investiture without renouncing maximum savings
  • Choose Basic Offer, if you want to buy only the essential for your investiture without neglecting the decorum

What struck me about your work was the obsessive attention to detail. For this reason I chose to entrust myself to you instead of buying the usual sloppy cape for sale in the usual shops in Rome.

Although everything has been done at a distance, without ever setting foot in your workshop, you have been able to guide me in choosing the most suitable fabric and make the cape exactly on my measurements.

When the cape came home I was impressed by the lightness of the wool you used (the other knights on the day of my investiture had heavy woolen cape and I saw them sweat unlike mine) and the perfection of the embroidered cross! Beautiful because in full velvet embroidered on the fabric, in the exact measures as required by the regulation, certainly not like those crosses of red cheap fabric coarsely cut with scissors and then sewn on the fabric's cape.

There is no comparison.

Beautiful internal tailor-made pocket and without words for the interior finishing: nothing but the dangling wires at the bottom! When I use it, I seem to wear a real uniform, like the one I use for work and I already tell you that other knights of my delegation will contact you for their investiture.

What else to add, if not a thank you for the attention you have placed in my work: I will recommend to everyone your workshop!


Mario Antonetti


I ordered the cape, the decorations, the touch, the bag, the tie and the gloves of the Equestrian Order of the Knights of the Holy Sepulcher of Jerusalem at Progetto Liturgico.
It was very simple to explain my needs before ordering and I always received assistance even after receiving the goods.

The clarity, solicitude, courtesy of Mr. Vincenzo Busco are really commendable.

I had no problem in ordering a cape so precious from a distance, without being physically able to be in Vincenzo's laboratory.
This is because Vincenzo has a great sartorial experience and can sew a perfect cape based on a few simple measures that I have communicated by telephone.

I will recommend to anyone who needs to make this kind of cape to make use of the Progetto Liturgico with the utmost confidence and security of the excellent results.

 A heartfelt thanks

generale turetta vincenzo

Vincenzo Turetta

Italian Army



Custom handmade Knight's beret


White cotton knight's gloves




Cape's bag

cravatta cavaliere

Necktie with red cross

gemelli santo sepolcro

Silver Cufflinks



I am so sure of the quality of my work that I have decided to cover your purchase with the TOTAL WARRANTY.
Therefore, in the very rare case when you should consider your cape or accessory different from what I promised you, then I will collect everything at my expense and I will restore it.
And if in case hypothetical you should not yet be satisfied, I will immediately refund the amount paid.

How to order your new cape?

  • Tell me the measure of your height and neck: your physical presence is not necessary in my laboratory, since it will be enough for me to know your height and the diameter of your neck. If you do not know the diameter of your neck, tell me what size of shirt you usually use.
  • How long does it take to sew a cape? It takes a long time to sew a sartorial cape. I usually request 4 weeks of time, but if you have known at the last minute the date of your investiture, then contact me immediately and I will tell you if we can anticipate the processing.
  • How to order the cape online? You can place your order simply using the "Prenota" button that you will find on the offer form. But if you have problems to make the order or you prefer that I prepare everything for you, CALL ME TO THE NUMBER +39 0804551896 or WRITE to info@progettoliturgico.com or send me a message via Whatsapp  to my customer's support number at +39 0804551896
  • How can you pay for your order online?  To pay for the order, simply follow the instructions that you will receive automatically via email. You will be asked for a deposit equal to 30% of the amount and then the balance when the order is completed. You can pay everything comfortably by bank transfer.
    Do you want to pay by credit card? Write me a message to info@progettoliturgico.com and I will prepare you the exclusive payment by credit card.
  • How is your cape shipped ? The shipment of your package, will be made by internation express Courier, to the address that you indicate. You can monitor at any time, the exact position of your package in Italy and abroad.


If you are a knight who will receive the investiture and need to get the necessary for the ceremony, then carefully consider the two Special Offers that I have proposed.

With just one purchase, you can have in both cases the Original Italian bespoke Cape and the most precious accessories, saving immediately on the purchase price, shipping costs and without worrying about having to ask many sellers.

But remember that I personally sew the uniform for each of my clients, so ... I can only make a few uniforms at a time.

If you know the date of your investiture in an indicative way, BOOK WITH A MINIMUM DEPOSIT your cape.

If you do not prepare yourself in time, then risk having to settle for the usual products on sale in the ordinary shops.

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